Artisan Woodgrain Collection

Coloured Profiles

The new Artisan Woodgrain Collection brings four new ‘real’ woodgrains and eight colours for you to choose for your new frames. With the options of White, cream and other attractive colours you can choose frames that will improve the look of your home and make you stand out from the rest. What’s more, the new prestige woodgrains look stunning. In fact, these frames have a grain so fine its almost impossible to tell they’re not real wood.

  • 4 new ‘real’ wood grain
  • 8 colours including white and cream 3 window suites
  • 95 different components

There’s a growing trend for second time replacement window customers to be more demanding about the look of their windows. Many do not need to replace the windows but want to change the design to improve the look of their home. Our customers can now choose from Antique Oak, Irish Oak, Rustic Cherry, AnTeak, Green, Grey, Cream, Black Brown, White, Brilliant White, Dark Red and Blue. Available for Window and Conservatory Roof profiles.

Colours Available