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Their unique performance characteristics make these products the ideal replacement for timber fascias, soffits and bargeboards and provide a highly efficient and attractive long-term maintenance solution. Completely water-resistant and easy to install using traditional methods, these products do not rot, flake or split and will retain their pristine finish for many years.

Our Soffits & Fasias

We are accredited agents for roof trim systems and components from leading manufacturers, offering a wide range of options to improve the appearance of your home.

Our tough and durable roof trim is manufactured from Cellular PVC-ue in a range of sizes, in square and bull-nose profiles in white and bright white and with a complementary range of trims and ventilation options.

For additional strength and rigidity, 18mm Euroboard combines versatility with low maintenance and ease of use. The deep nose profile matches the look of traditional timber and eliminates the need for extra support between rafters.

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